Why Should We Pray Together?

This weekly hour of prayer with my WoW sisters has deepened my own prayer life and has become an eagerly-awaited source of comfort, encouragement, and strength.

In June 2022 we launched Prayer Groups. Here is what some Women of Welcome have to say about praying together in these online Connect Groups:

Some women in our private Facebook community formed prayer groups over the last couple of years and have been meeting together regularly. We are so happy to be able to open these groups up now to the larger community and look forward to seeing women all across the country come together to build relationships, strengthen their faith, and encourage each other.
“The WoW group has been such a blessing to me. It has been the constant in my life since the church my husband and I attended for 8 years shut down a month before Covid hit my city. This is the first prayer group I have ever been part of, and it has been so special to me. I have felt inspired, supported, and encouraged, by this wonderful group of women from whom I learn in so many ways (how to pray, an understanding of how the Lord speaks, the state of immigration, etc.). What a joy and honor it is to be connected with these beautiful women at the heart and come together for the very important purpose of praying for immigrants and refugees. How sweet (and what a relief) it has felt to be able to share personal burdens with this group and know they will pray for me too.”
“Our WoW prayer group has become ‘Prayer Central’ for me: the hour in each week during which my 3 sisters in Christ and I pray with one voice and one heart on behalf of one another in our relationships with our family members and with our foreign-born friends. Although we have never met in person, the Lord has beautifully knit our hearts together. We know deeply that we can trust these sisters completely. We text each other prayer updates almost every day, bearing one another’s burdens and rejoicing together at God’s answers.   This weekly hour of prayer with my WoW sisters has deepened my own prayer life and has become an eagerly-awaited source of comfort, encouragement, and strength. I highly recommend that others in WoW form prayer groups of this type. God will delight you by what He does!”

Who would have thought that 4 women of different ages, backgrounds, and seasons in life could virtually come together every week to pray, and would continue doing so for about 2 years now? This Women of Welcome prayer group is such an encouragement to me because I know that we are making this time of prayer a priority by crossing time zones and adjusting schedules. We can be confident that in this safe space, any matter for prayer can be shared. On a personal note, I was so encouraged as my sisters in Christ prayed for months with me for our Afghan friends whose family waited to be evacuated from Afghanistan. We all celebrated their arrival just a couple of weeks ago! Another example: We also weep as we pray, asking God to deliver an African family from harm, but their struggles continue. No item is too small or too large for prayer. We certainly don’t have the answers but we join together because we know of the One who does. So, yes, please join a Women of Welcome prayer group. You will be uplifted as you lift up prayers on behalf of others. Our WoW prayer group is praying for you!

So, how do you join?

Women of Welcome prayer groups offer the space to pray together with other women who are seeking God’s heart toward refugees and immigrants. We pray for those in need, and that God would continue to shape our hearts and minds so that we become increasingly more like Christ in our biblical welcome and hospitality toward others. Our prayer groups meet on the last Tuesday of the month via Zoom.

Click here to find all the available prayer groups! We encourage you to join the group in closest geographic proximity if possible, but the most important thing is that we pray together, so if a different time works for you, that’s ok, too. Have questions? Get answers here or email groups@womenofwelcome.com for support.