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Without a doubt, the number one question we receive from women is: What can I do?

Much like any other area of human dignity work, immigration and refugee issues are complicated. When our compassion is stirred, we can sometimes find ourselves looking for a silver bullet, one that can alleviate long-standing pain and injustice with the least amount of time spent or inconvenience to us personally. Our culture has conditioned us to engage solutions in this way. But at Women of Welcome we know there’s no silver bullet that exists to solve all the challenges our nation and vulnerable immigrants face. Most of our work in this space requires a long game approach, and we’re here for it. We hope you are too. 

There are many tangible ways to get involved, use your voice, and love your neighbors well. Some activities require your time and patience in learning, some require your presence in spaces you’ve never considered, and others are timely advocacy initiatives that need your signature or voice. 

It might not feel like you’re helping anyone by reading a book or downloading a Bible study, but consider this an investment in learning about the issues and ways to use your voice effectively to create change. Take a look at the various places that need your investment and pick a starting point. Not everyone’s journey will look the same, but we’re all in this together and we’re confident the Church has a role to play in each of these areas.

What can I do to help?

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. – Jeremiah 29:12

Sometimes the most underestimated and overlooked power we have as Christians is to gain wisdom, understanding, and movement among things that need change. We must pray for those in need, and that God would continue to shape our hearts and minds so that we become increasingly more like Christ in our biblical welcome and hospitality toward others.

Every week our team sends a list of prayer points concerning our community and timely immigration news/needs. Sign up to receive these prayer points or join a prayer group with other women in our community (coming soon!). 

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I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. – Psalm 32.8

When we humble ourselves to learn a new perspective, one that seeks to honor Christ, we can trust that God will meet us there. We are not blindly attaching an agenda to a particular outcome. We are seeking to glorify God through a deeper understanding of his people’s needs.


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Community Learning

We’re confident that wherever you are in your journey we have a place for you. You have questions, we have answers. If you’d like to dive deeper than our common questions/answers page, our Equipping Series is your next step. Sign in and pick a place to start. Here you’ll find a host of teaching videos and Q&A sessions from trusted subject-matter experts, friends, and faith leaders. 

Equipping Series

Another place you can dive deeper and participate in community learning is through the Women of Welcome private Facebook group. Request to join to engage with other women in the community.

Some people will not understand what the love of Christ compels you to do. Do it anyway. – Sheila Walsh

Not sure how to advocate well? Don’t worry, we’ve got a resource for that!

Using Your Voice Well

In Your Spheres of Influence

Stay connected with our online community and World Relief for helpful articles, videos, and resources to share and promote in your own social spaces. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @WomenofWelcome.

In Your Community & Church

We offer several resources, including Bible studies and discussion guides for films and video series that you can use in your community and church. Invite others to learn with you through joining a Connect Group.

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With Your Elected Officials

Our commitment to show Christ-like welcome includes understanding policies that affect our neighbors. Our civic engagement and advocacy must go beyond the voting booth. It must not be limited to one vote every four years. If we remain in this type of habit, we keep distant from the very people we’re called to love and our neighbors undoubtedly suffer.

Calling our lawmakers is one way to stay engaged and hold accountable the people in office who have made a commitment to serve their constituencies. This might feel like an intimidating task, but we assure you your leadership needs to hear from you in order for change to happen. It’s much less scary than you imagine, we promise.

New to this type of advocacy? Here are some step by step guides to help.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Looking for advocacy opportunities you can participate in now? Check out the latest advocacy needs.

Latest Advocacy Needs

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. – Maya Angelou

Your Time

Many times our first gut-reaction to any problem or challenge is, “Where can I donate?” And while we encourage investing financially in this space (the needs are significant) we also want to encourage you to do something that might be a bit more costly.

We want to encourage you to consider investing your time, as a volunteer in your local community.

One of the best gifts you could ever give to this work is your presence. While they may not be readily seen in your community, we are confident that immigrants and refugees exist in your midst. Many communities and churches offer volunteer opportunities (ESL classes, transportation help, tutoring, etc.) that serve and support vulnerable immigrants and refugees. A quick web search of “immigrant services in my area” can pull up opportunities for involvement locally. There is power in proximity, but it requires your presence. We humbly suggest that you consider investing in this way.

Closer Proximity

Your Finances

We’re grateful that you would consider investing in the work of Women of Welcome. Our mission is to engage the church to live out her calling to advocate and care for immigrants and refugees. Your gift allows us to create resources and experiences that encourage, educate, and equip Christian women across the country.


Wanting to learn more, pray better, or find ways to connect with other women about approaching immigrant and refugee issues from a biblical perspective? Sign up for our weekly newsletter and make sure you’re kept in the loop about all the news and resources we have available.


By downloading our “What Can I Do” guide you can take your first steps to becoming a bridge builder in your own community. We trust that as we continue engaging in welcome together He will give you the wisdom to know when and how to move forward.