Start With Welcome

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Let’s have the conversation you’ve always wanted to have about immigration.

You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve watched the TV footage. People around the world are in dire situations and on the move. Current estimates suggest that over one hundred million people are forcibly displaced from their homes and seeking refuge. It seems as if everyone wants to come to the US—and if we’re honest, that gives many of us pause.

You have questions. You may have concerns. But you also have compassion. Let’s start there.

Let’s detangle from the oversimplified talking points that still leave us curious about our calling. Let’s attach confidence to your compassion.

In Start with Welcome, Bri Stensrud leads us on a personal journey through Scripture helping us better understand God’s calling concerning immigrants and refugees. She reveals that something is stirring in the American church. Something much bigger than platforms, politics, and pundits. Something that could literally change the world.

It all starts with one word: Welcome.

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