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What Does the Bible Say About Immigration?

When we read from Genesis to Revelation, we see consistent themes of migration and how God uses migration for his missional purposes. So many of our biblical heroes and heroines were migrants in foreign lands. Knowing what God thinks about immigrants and refugees should shape the way we look at people, inform the way we read headlines, help us respond nationally (and locally), and influence the way we advocate.

By the end of this study, you’ll be able to attach confidence to your compassion for a Biblical framework of immigration.

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Far From Home

Whether we’ve noticed it before or not, God’s redemptive story is one of migration. Sometimes it was a journey to a promised land, other times an exodus or an exile. This six-week study will help you reconnect to God’s faithfulness through the history of his people’s migration. Our hope is that each of us will look into these stories with fresh eyes and open hearts because so many of God’s people are still very far from home. Come take this journey of Far From Home with us!

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Christ-Like Welcome

The welcome of Christ was astonishing to the culture around him. He gave voice to the speechless, frustrated the powerful, and humbled the wise. As Christians, our welcome should be like his– wonderfully surprising, deeply challenging, and firmly rooted in love. This five-week study explores the complicated and beautiful welcome of Jesus toward his most beloved creation, human beings. Jump in with us, individually or with a small group, and let’s transform how we show welcome.

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Bold & Brave

You may not think you’re capable of doing bold and brave things, but the women of Exodus 2 show us that everyday women can choose to follow God in extraordinary ways. Dive into the stories of Shiphrah, Puah, Miriam, and Jochebed and be encouraged by their resolve to enter into unthinkably hard spaces, all in an effort to protect baby Moses. Little did they know, their protection of this small child saved an entire nation.

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Ruth & Naomi

Ruth and Naomi, two of the most beloved women in the Bible, give us a model of Christ-like love and friendship. These brave women knew what it felt like to be strangers in a foreign land. They understood the promise and challenge of moving to a new place to see opportunity for their family. Across the globe today, vulnerable women and men are fleeing violence and persecution. They desire to provide for their families with the resources they need to live and the opportunities to give them hope. This recently revised (2020) and expanded edition Bible + book study connects our biblical history to our present-day immigration challenges.

Suggested/optional book to accompany this study: Welcoming the Stranger by Jenny Yang and Matthew Soerens.

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In Pursuit of Peace

Our restoration with God cost Jesus everything. He offered his very life for our ability to experience new life and communion with God. There’s no way for us to offer eternal or holy peace apart from Jesus. It simply doesn’t exist. We have a legacy of peace to pursue. Dive into this 4-week study individually or with your small group.

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While in Our Care: Child Detention Stories + Discussion

New video resource exploring the way in which we care for migrant children while being processed through the U.S. immigration system.

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Who is Welcome Here Film + Study

Immigration is one of the most complicated issues of our time. Those who follow scripture often find themselves torn between the desire to uphold laws and the call to minister to the vulnerable. Our documentary Who is Welcome Here and the companion guides (small or large group discussions) seek to engage and inform Christians to grow in their biblical response to immigrants and immigration in America.

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Eyes to See Film

With a growing number of Christian women concerned about migrants presenting at the U.S. southern border, there seemed to few places to have honest conversations and ask hard questions. Women were asking to see -with their own eyes- what was happening at the border and what impact our current policies were having on vulnerable families. National security was worry, but so was the treatment of mothers and children who seemed desperate to come to America. As we took the very first Women of Welcome group to McAllen, Texas 2018, we asked them to be prayerful about one thing during their journey; having eyes to see.

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