Prayer Group FAQs

What are Women of Welcome prayer groups?

Women of Welcome prayer groups offer the space to pray together with other women who are seeking God’s heart toward refugees and immigrants. We pray for those in need, and that God would continue to shape our hearts and minds so that we become increasingly more like Christ in our biblical welcome and hospitality toward others.

Do prayer groups meet in person or online?

Right now, all of our prayer groups meet virtually, but we’d love to see some in-person groups spring up! If you’re interested in hosting one, you can register here or email for support.

What’s the commitment involved in joining a prayer group?

These groups are drop-in, and we welcome you to join as frequently as you are able! You’re more than welcome to just join for one meeting, or to make this a part of your monthly routine. Prayer time tends to last an average of 45 minutes.

Will someone be leading these meetings?

Yes! We’re so grateful to the volunteer prayer leaders in this community. Leaders will open the prayer time with a brief Scripture reading and reflection, and then open prayer time up to the community. They may provide gentle prompts to guide the gathering.

How do I join a group?

Click here to find all the available prayer groups! We encourage you to join the group in closest geographic proximity if possible, but the most important thing is that we pray together, so if a different time works for you, that’s ok, too.

How do I become a leader?

We’d love to have more groups of women gathering together in prayer for immigrants and refugees! To learn more about becoming a leader, click here. We promise to walk you through every step! Leaders can choose whether to have their groups open widely to anyone in the community, or to have a closed group of members they already know.

Are we only praying for immigrants and refugees, or can I share personal prayer requests, too?

Our time will be primarily focused on prayer for immigrants and refugees, but we’d love for you to pray for your personal relationships in those communities (as much as is appropriate), as well as for your own areas of need in relation to service.

I have a question not listed here!

No problem! Send us an email at and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.