Prayers for 2022

We want to enter this new year in a posture of prayer. Here are some ways we are praying together this year:

For Dreamers:

Prince of Peace, comfort those who wait. We know many people have lived nearly their entire lives in this country and are holding onto the hope that they will be welcomed. They have watched as debates and legislation have toyed with their day-to-day lives and future stability. Comfort them, Lord. Provide for them. May they experience your deep love and peace.


For Refugees:

Jehovah Jireh – the Lord our provider – be a provider for new arrivals from Afghanistan and other places around the world. Families have been forced from their homes and their futures have been upturned due to political turmoil, natural disasters, and other factors outside their control. Place a stepping stone under each foot as they take brave new steps this year. Provide community, support, and spiritual strength every day.


For Asylum Seekers:

El Roi – God who sees – we ask that you watch over those fleeing persecution and danger. Protect them, Lord, from the threats they are fleeing and throughout the journey they take. Cover those who camp along our borders and wait in shelters as they pursue their asylum cases. Grant them favor, Lord, and meet their needs as only you can. May they experience your deep love in fresh ways this year.


For Those Who Are Undocumented:

Everlasting Father, you know every story under the sky. Be close to those who are living in the shadows. Give them wisdom, Lord, as they make difficult decisions. Guide their steps, and draw them close to you. Make a way for them, Lord, and walk alongside them as they seek their next steps.


For the Helpers:

Mighty God, strengthen those who are working each day to welcome new arrivals to our country. Give them the resources needed and the endurance to not become weary in doing good. Surround them with community and joy in their work, and may their efforts have impact on the people they encounter.


Here are some visual reminders of these prayers you can keep with you throughout the year as we pray together for the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the forgotten. Click on each image to enlarge it, then right-click on it to save it to your computer or phone. Thank you for praying with us, Women of Welcome.