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What Does the Bible Say About Immigration?

Women of Welcome’s mission is to encourage, educate, and equip you to love our immigrant and refugee neighbors. Dive into this 3-week Bible study as we answer the question, “What Does the Bible Say About Immigration?”

Attach confidence to your compassion for a Biblical framework of immigration.

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Who is Women of Welcome?

Women of Welcome is a community dedicated to diving into the whole of scripture to understand God’s heart for the immigrant and refugee.

We believe God calls us to a deep love for the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the forgotten. Together we’re on a journey to understand biblical hospitality in an authentic way. We do this by encouraging, educating and engaging our community with a multitude of resources. We do this for the Glory of God and the health of his Church, and you’re invited.

Finding this community was an answer to prayer for me. Here I have found people who are committed to obeying God's call to love the foreigner, even when that stance can be misunderstood. Lena, WoW Community Member

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