A Prayer for Afghan Refugees

It has been one year since the evacuation of the U.S. military from Afghanistan. In that year, 70,000 Afghans resettled in the United States. 2.6 million Afghan refugees are registered with the United Nations worldwide. Another 3.5 million people are internally displaced, having lost or fled their homes to escape the Taliban. 

We cannot turn away and we must not stop praying. Please join us in this prayer for Afghan refugees:

Oh God of Comfort,

Let peace that passes understanding cover our brothers and sisters from Afghanistan. Every one of them has experienced upheaval in the past year as the life they knew before has changed forever. Blanket them with your presence, with the assurance that you see them in their suffering.

Oh God of Peace,

May you restore peace to the land and people of Afghanistan. Unite families that are separated and comfort them in their time apart. Protect those who remain in their homes and calm them in their time of fear. Guide those who flee into unknown lands and bring people of peace into their path to welcome them.

Oh God of Restoration,

Envelop our Afghan brothers and sisters in the U.S. in your love. As they seek to provide for their families, fulfill their dreams, and find a place to call home – guide them. Restore hope in their hearts through welcoming individuals and communities. Empower your church to receive them with open arms.


We come before God with our prayers and will continue to do so. What else can we do?


Check out this post for an incredible conversation with Husna, an Afghan refugee living in the U.S. one year after the evacuation in Afghanistan.


Ask Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act to help our Afghan neighbors receive permanent status in the U.S. Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters!