Prayers for 2024

As we look to the New Year, let us not forget the changes we long to see for our immigrant brothers and sisters. And let us not forget the power of our prayers. Will you pray with us for God to work in mighty ways in 2024? We’re praying for:

Political Leaders

Sovereign Lord, we pray for lawmakers, leaders, and political candidates this year. Move leaders to compassion for vulnerable populations. Give them the courage to work together for positive change. May they look to God’s Word as their authority on how to live, govern, and on how to speak about their immigrant neighbors.

Migrant Children

God Who Sees, let migrant children know you love and value them. May the church open their eyes to see them as well, to protect and care for them. We pray for safety for those who travel, for provision, and for compassionate people along their journeys. We pray for protection against exploitation wherever they are.


Merciful Lord, be present in the waiting for those who are grieving their lost homes and seeking a safe place. We pray especially for those fleeing war and persecution. We ask for permanent solutions for those in the U.S. who are still relying on temporary protection, like our Afghan Allies. Raise up sponsors, volunteers, and provision for those resettling.


God of All, we pray for those brought to the U.S. as children, many of whom have families, careers, and children of their own now. We pray for those living with the benefits of DACA who live in fear their protections will go away. We ask for solutions for those who cannot receive these benefits. We ask for a permanent solution for these important members of our communities.

Asylum Seekers

Living Water, pour out your provision on asylum seekers. For those waiting at the border, we pray for clear processes and safety while they wait. For those in the complicated court system, we pray for quick solutions and legal support. For all who fled difficult situations, we pray for healing, communities who welcome them, and a safe place to call home.

Pray all Year

Want to print out these prayers and pray with us through the year? Download this beautiful PDF you can print and put in your Bible, on your desk, or another place that will remind you to pray with us. 

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