A Prayer for Women of Welcome (and how to go deeper)

Today we lift up women in this community. Will you join us?

Lord, thank you for the Women of Welcome community.

Thank you for the friendships that have been made, the partnerships that have been forged.

Thank you for the collective courage, inspiration, and the equipping that this community provides.

We pray for those entering into new spaces. Whether they are having challenging conversations with those they love or stepping outside their comfort zone to welcome others, Lord, be with them. Give them the courage and confidence they need to take the next step.

Please be with those serving immigrants and refugees in their jobs, churches, and communities. Strengthen and sustain them. Encourage their hearts and deepen their relationships. May You be present in each and every interaction.

God, please continue to encourage this community. May every woman know she is welcome, and may she experience the joy of welcoming others.

Want to go deeper in this community?

Women of Welcome is more than a website, more than just a social media presence. We are a community of women all over the nation. We are a community dedicated to diving into the whole of scripture to understand God’s heart for the immigrant and refugee. We believe that discipleship should touch every area of our lives and that includes the way we see others, treat others, engage in political conversations, and engage in policy that affects vulnerable people.

A great place to start if you have questions you are afraid to ask somewhere else, to learn more, to find volunteer opportunities, or just to connect to other women – is our private Facebook group. We have grown to over 3000 women! It’s a safe space to learn and we’d love to welcome you in!

Want to grow in your discipleship?

You can go deeper in Connect Groups – groups that study together and pray together.

Want to dive into one of our Bible studies in your existing group? You can download the resources for free! Would you be willing to have a conversation with a Pastor or leader at your church and ask them to use one of these studies to grow your congregation in discipleship around loving the foreigner?

Did you know we have films you can watch by yourself or in your group? Check out Who Is Welcome Here for a journey to the U.S.-Mexico border and While In Our Care for a necessary and heart-wrenching discussion about family separation.