Prayers for 2023

We believe in the power of prayer to move the hearts of men. Join us in these prayers for 2023.

This time of year it is easy to spend time thinking about ourselves and the changes we want to see in our own lives in the coming year. Let’s take some time to enter 2023 in prayer for our brothers and sisters. We want to see God work miracles and bring transformation in their lives this coming year. We believe in the power of prayer to move the hearts of men. Join us in these prayers for 2023.

For Dreamers

Everpresent God, let those who entered the U.S. as children know you see them. Sustain them in their waiting for permanent legal status. Provide for them and their families. Comfort them in times of instability. Bring them also the comfort of neighbors who will hold their stories with care and welcome them with open arms.

For Afghan Allies

Sustainer, thank you for our Afghan Allies that have found a safe place in the U.S. Guide them as they navigate the difficult transition to life in a new land. Comfort many who are separated from family still in harm’s way, and we ask for protection over those still in Afghanistan. Give them the assurance they need that they will have a future here and a loving community to surround them.

For Refugees

Giver of every good gift, our hearts break for millions displaced from their homes, for those on the move and in camps, and for those resettled and rebuilding their lives. Guide the steps of refugees to safe places. Provide the support they need. We pray especially for those still fleeing Ukraine and for peace to come to the ongoing conflicts creating newly displaced people every day.

For Asylum seekers

Merciful One, protect those waiting to make claims for asylum. May they find healing from the horrors they have fled and hope for a better future. Provide for the needs of those entering the complicated process, especially legal assistance. For those waiting at our border and those who are supporting them, pour out your mercy and sustaining love.

For Farmworkers

Everliving God, we pray for the farmers and ranchers across the country who need a reliable workforce. Provide for their needs. Provide migrant farmworkers with the ability to work and receive visas, fair wages, and legal status for their families. Be close to those living in the shadows and make a way for them. For all those who are affected by labor shortages and rising food prices, we ask for relief.

For Political leaders

Almighty God, in this time of division and conflicting values, bring peace. Give wisdom to those who lead and courage to those who are attempting to cross the aisle and work together for solutions to pressing problems, especially in immigration reform. Move the hearts of local, state, and national leaders to compassion and care for those they represent and those affected by their decisions.

Thank you for praying with us in 2023, Women of Welcome!