Reasons to Lead a Bible Study

Studying the Bible together is a great way to learn more and go deeper in your faith.
Have you ever led a Bible Study? Each time we release a Bible Study resource, it’s a joy to witness women gathering all over the country and online to dive deeper into God’s Word. If you’re on the fence about leading our upcoming study, Far From Home: Exploring Migration Stories in the Bible, message us to start a conversation (You can connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or by email)! We’d love to support you as you gather a community of women to learn more about God’s heart for migrants.
Here are 3 reasons you should consider leading a Bible Study:
  1. Community: Everyone loves to be invited. This is an opportunity to welcome women into a community.
  2. Discipleship: Studying the Bible together is a great way to learn more and go deeper in your faith.
  3. Growth: Each week in this community, we are reminded that Christian women are eager to have conversations about what the Bible has to say about topics of migration. Leading a study allows you to facilitate these discussions that women are ready to have!

You may have reservations about being a leader or questions. That’s why we’re here. We’ve created resources to equip you and a community to support you. You aren’t alone!

We have two types of groups: closed and open.  A closed group means you have a small group that is already formed or you want to personally invite friends. It’s still important to sign up as a host with us because we will give you all the resources you need to lead your group, including a tips for getting ready to meet, information about meeting online, and a Study Leader Guide! But if you want to step out and connect with new women, in person or online—an open group is for you! Sign up as a host and choose an open group, then interested ladies can find your group on our website and email you to get started!

Ready to get started? Sign up to host today!