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LISTEN FIRST - Group members have unique experiences, backgrounds, political affiliations, and Christian traditions. Always assume the best intentions in others and listen to find common ground. RESPECT ONE ANOTHER - Constructive disagreement is acceptable but no one should feel judged for their point of view. Respect people’s journeys and trust the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth…in His timing. Feel free to offer a different perspective, but do so in humility and love. REMAIN NONPARTISAN - Discussing immigration necessitates discussing policies and practices, since these policies affect immigrants. However, we do not promote or insult/demean political parties or their members/candidates. Everyone who wants to learn more about God’s heart for the sojourner should feel welcome, regardless of their political affiliation. MAINTAIN PRIVACY - In order to create an environment that is safe for open and honest participation, trust is non-negotiable. Members should feel confident that nothing they share will be repeated outside of the group without permission.