The Reality of Refugee Resettlement

The reality of resettlement is far from this goal.

Every year the U.S. administration sets a goal or target for the number of refugees we will resettle in the coming fiscal year, which begins in October. The administration set a lofty goal for the 2022 fiscal year, setting the refugee admissions target to 125,000. We were thrilled to hear of the high number allocated as the number of refugees worldwide reached a historical high.

However, as this fiscal year comes to a close, the reality of resettlement is far from this goal. At the beginning of September, with only one month remaining in the fiscal year, only 20,000 refugees had been resettled. That is only 16% of the goal set for this year.

The Challenges

The challenges of 2022 are not to be overlooked. More than 70,000 Afghans and 60,000 Ukrainians entered the U.S. under humanitarian parole. Refugee resettlement agencies stepped up to help, even though those coming on humanitarian parole are not included in the refugee resettlement programs or given permanent legal status. We saw resettlement agencies work tirelessly throughout the year to provide assistance, but they lack support to meet all of the needs and to welcome the numbers that were promised. 

What Can You Do?

Pray with us. Check out resettlement agencies in your area and support them. And use your voice! Reach out to your lawmakers and make sure they know we don’t just want to see lofty goals but real action to welcome refugees and provide the infrastructure needed to reach that goal in 2023!

Do you have a Bible study group or a prayer group? Ask some other people to spend a few minutes praying along with you. Our prayer groups prayed for refugees in September and we want to share our prayer guide with you. Here’s the free, easy template to guide your prayer time.