A Prayer for Vulnerable Migrant Children

The New York Times published an investigative piece last week exposing the exploitation of migrant children who have crossed the border.

Calls have arisen for the administration and Congress to act swiftly to respond to this horrifying child labor issue.

We can advocate and hold our leaders responsible for responding. But we also need to be praying! Will you stop and take a few minutes to lift your voices with us to God?

Heavenly Father,

you teach us in your Word that you have a special place in your heart for children. They are a gift to be protected and cherished. We honor the dignity of children, no matter where they are from, made in your image. Help us to see the needs of vulnerable children in our country.

God who provides,

we cry out for migrant children in the U.S. who have been exploited. Their need to work to provide for themselves or their families is real and we ask you to supply their needs. Raise up individuals, churches, and organizations to support and care for them.

Holy Comforter,

break our hearts for what breaks yours. Give us eyes to see the pain of children alone, scared, and taken advantage of. Bring comfort to these children and may you do so through the Body of Christ who you call to care for those in need.

Oh God who came to set the captives free,

we ask for freedom from the bondage of child labor in our country. We ask for a swift and wise response from leadership and lawmakers. Raise up people who care and who can give these children the help they need.