Living with the Tension

We know loving as Jesus calls us to love is not an easy task. It goes against our nature. It requires understanding God’s heart for all people. It means loving our enemies. It means having hard conversations and being uncomfortable.We believe all people are made in the image of God and deserve love and care. We believe Christians are called to be peacemakers everywhere we exist. And that means holding the tension in our lives and in our prayers.

We can have secure borders and treat immigrants and refugees with compassion. We can all practice biblical hospitality, even if we don’t agree on politics or policies. This is the sacred place of living in the tension Christ calls us to—to live in the now and not yet of the Kingdom. Are you with us, ladies?

If you are, this is the place for you. This community is a place where we can wrestle together with the tension—the pain of a broken immigration system and the hope that we can be people who welcome, the belief that we can make the world better with the love of Christ.

At Women of Welcome…
We hold the tension.

We pray for migrants.
We pray for Border Patrol Agents.

We pray for refugees.
We pray for local residents of our communities.

We pray for our political leaders.
We pray for immigration reform.

We pray for safe borders.
We pray for the compassionate treatment of immigrants.

We believe prayer can change the world.
We believe prayer can change us.

Do you believe this, too?
Join us.

If you find yourself saying, “Yes!” and “Amen!” this is your community. Join our private Facebook group where we go deep. We work every day to hold the tension and be in prayer together. Fear can divide us, yet we are invited into brave spaces that bring glory to God. Jesus never stops inviting, and we seek to do the same. Join us.