Grow Your Knowledge and Compassion This Summer!

Summer is a perfect time to try something new—to grow our knowledge or get proximate to our neighbors! Don’t know where to start? Here’s a few ideas.


Celebrate with Your Community

June is Immigrant Heritage Month! The initiative, started in 2014, seeks to celebrate our shared heritage as a nation made up of immigrants and value the contributions to our economy, culture, and common identity immigrants from around the world have made to the U.S. Also, World Refugee Day is June 20. Many communities host celebrations and community activities this month to help you connect with your New American neighbors. Google the name of your community and “World Refugee Day” or “Immigrant Heritage Month” and you’ll probably find some incredible free events near you that are fun for the whole family.


Last year a member of our team shared about the fun she had at a World Refugee Day celebration in Clarkston, Georgia. She says the day sparked some great conversations with her kids. “My son saw a sign that said, ‘No human is illegal’ and it led to us talking about how much our words matter and treating others with dignity.”My kids are no strangers to diverse cultures, having lived in South Asia,” she shared. “Yet, we have to be intentional to step into spaces which help us stay connected to others. It’s too easy to just stay where it is comfortable.”



Enjoy Some Summer Reading

Another great step is to dive into some summer reading that focus on immigrant stories. This summer, our community is diving into Solito, the award-winning memoir by Javier Zamora. The book follows along nine-year-old Javier’s three-thousand-mile trip from his small town in El Salvador, through Guatemala and Mexico, and across the U.S. border. He is eager to reunite with his parents in California, but his journey to get there will keep you turning the pages! Sign up to read with us, and you’ll receive reflection questions to consider whether reading on your own or discussing with a group!


If this book isn’t for you, we have more suggestions for you. We know many of you are hungry for more stories, commentary, and statistics to help strengthen your compassion and bolster your courage in this space. We have a trusted list of books that we recommend to help deepen your theological framework, expand context, and inspire closer proximity with vulnerable people; particularly immigrants and refugees.



Encourage Others with YOUR Story

Do you have a story to share of how you plan to grow your knowledge and compassion this summer (or ways you have in the past)? Take a minute and tell us your story. It might just show up on Women of Welcome socials an encourage more ladies to take a step closer to their neighbors with Christlike welcome this summer!