Women of Welcome goes to DC

You're Invited!

We are so excited to gather the Women of Welcome community in Washington D.C. to meet face-to-face, encourage one another, pray, and lean into the conversation of immigration together. Will you be joining us? Please RSVP below.


Here is what we will be doing:

Itinerary: Hill Visits

Itinerary: Community Events

As we go to D.C. we will be using our voices to call on our representatives to choose Christ-Like hospitality towards immigrants and refugees in their decision making.
We have a FREE resource to walk with you in using your voice.

Using Your Voice: A Guide to Advocating Well


If you’ve been selected via our lottery system to fill one of our Hill Visit openings you will receive a confirmation email confirming your spot.

  • If you received a confirmation email that you have been selected for Hill Visits, please see itinerary indicated with “Hill Visit”
  • If you have not received a confirmation email of being selected for Hill Visits, you would have received an email inviting you to our general events in DC. Please see itinerary indicated with “Community Activities”

Yes! We would love for you to bring a friend to be a part of this Women of Welcome event in DC. Please have them RSVP. In regards to hill visits, each individual will have to have been selected to attend the Hill Visit events. 

If all of our Hill Visit spots have filled up we’d still love to see you in D.C.! We’ve got several activities we’d love to see you at and a host of ideas to fill your time. Check out the Community Events Itinerary for things to do while you are in DC to immerse yourself in the immigration conversation. Come meet up with other women of welcome and be encouraged together!

Please email Raquel@womenofwelcome.com with details

Women of Welcome is a community of Christian women, committed to living out Christ-like hospitality for all God’s children, specifically for “the stranger.” We are a partnership between World Relief and the National Immigration Forum (NIF). Evangelical leaders at World Relief and leaders at NIF recognized there was an interest among Evangelical women in having a conversation about immigration. Many World Relief staff speak in churches and could see that people want to go beyond the social media debates and be able to learn more about this topic. Especially as more women and children are arriving at the border, women want to know their stories and learn how we can love our sisters in Christ. Women of Welcome fosters these conversations and creates Bible-based resources for women to share in their churches, small groups, and homes.

Who are World Relief and National Immigration Forum?

World Relief is the relief and development arm of the National Association of Evangelicals. The National Immigration Forum is a non-partisan, policy organization that advocates for the value of immigrants and immigration to our nation. At Women of Welcome, World Relief provides biblical and theological leadership, and the National Immigration Forum is a partner in current events and policy.

Do you have a specific political stance?

A lot of Christians, including Women of Welcome, hold a wide variety of stances on issues of immigration. But we are all united in the belief that God calls us to have welcoming hearts toward “the stranger.” We seek to provide resources and opportunities for Christians to learn more about Scripture and immigration policy to engage more accurately and thoroughly in this complex issue. One helpful resource is the Evangelical Immigration Table and their statement of principles.

Many have questions about the stance concerning open borders or the wall along our southern border. We believe the U.S. should have secure borders. Our government has a reasonable responsibility to ensure that no one seeking harm to the U.S. (or its citizens) is allowed to enter the country. But we can also be pro-immigrant, living into our country’s legacy of welcoming people from throughout the world who want to become Americans. We’ve long championed policies that would make it harder to immigrate unlawfully but easier to immigrate lawfully. We also support policies that create processes by which those living unlawfully in the U.S. could admit their violation of law, pay an appropriate penalty, and then earn the chance to remain lawfully in the United States.

What is Biblical hospitality?

The Greek word for hospitality is philoxenia; which literally means “the love of strangers.”

Our mission at Women of Welcome is to follow Christ’s example of love, invitation and welcome, especially to those whom society has deemed unworthy and unacceptable. Jesus went looking for these forgotten and hidden people, intentionally bringing them back into relationship and community, for His glory. We seek to do the same.