A Community That Puts Compassion Into Action – Part 2: Sarah’s Story

I thought no one should be without a bed. If he needs a bed, I’ll find him a bed!

We can feel like there is nothing we can do to help show care to vulnerable people in our communities. We can believe our little effort isn’t enough. 

Yet, the Body of Christ has many parts and we each have a role to play. Every small step of welcome adds up to great love.

Joanne, Sarah, Jenn, and Sheila met because they are all a part of the Women of Welcome community. They each found themselves moved by a story of a migrant father and his young daughter and wanted to do what they could to help. Their stories woven together are a beautiful example of what this community is capable of when we work together.

Hear how the story began when Alex connected with Joanne.

Next, let’s hear from Sarah about how Joanne’s call for help in the Women of Welcome community led to her getting involved.

Doing What We Can – Sarah’s Story

“When I saw Joanne’s post in the Women of Welcome community about Alex and his daughter needing housing and groceries, I had just helped another friend with those same needs, so I thought, “let me see what I can do.” Joanne also mentioned that he needed a bed. I thought no one should be without a bed. If he needs a bed, I’ll find him a bed! I ended up pulling in other people to help. A random guy from church helped move the mattress. Someone helped me carry it on one end and someone else on the other. Another friend donated a bed frame and we were able to buy them groceries.

My friend Anna and I ended up staying and chatting with Alex and Cinthia for about an hour that day. The more I got to know him and asked questions, he began to share parts of his story. He broke down and cried over how hard it had all been. The camps were hard and then once he got to Texas, he felt abandoned by his brother and abandoned by his community. He was unable to get the medical treatment he needed and his condition was worsening. 

My heart was broken for him. I reached out to another friend whose sister is a nurse and fluent in Spanish. She met with him and discussed his medical conditions and his inability to walk. He shared how he was stuck in his house all day, unable to drive or go anywhere. We found him a wheelchair on OfferUp and my friend Erin started bringing him and Cinthia to church. There he connected with a man from Honduras who was answering questions about immigration and I think he was so thankful to have connection and community.”

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