A Community That Puts Compassion Into Action – Part 5: The Women of Welcome Story

I’m still in awe of what God has done for Alex and Cinthia through this community.

We can feel like there is nothing we can do to help show care to vulnerable people in our communities. We can believe our little effort isn’t enough. 

Yet, the Body of Christ has many parts and we each have a role to play. Every small step of welcome adds up to great love.

Joanne, Sarah, Jenn, and Sheila met because they are all a part of the Women of Welcome community. They each found themselves moved by a story of a migrant father and his young daughter and wanted to do what they could to help. Their stories woven together are a beautiful example of what this community is capable of when we work together.

Hear how the story began when Alex connected with Joanne.

Next, let’s hear from Sarah about how Joanne’s call for help in the Women of Welcome community led to her getting involved.

Then, we read how Jenn, who shared about the resources of the organization she works for in the private group, got connected and was able to offer housing and medical assistance for Alex and his daughter.

Next, Sheila stepped in to do what she could and found a lasting friendship that has impacted her and a family she never would have connected with if it weren’t for Women of Welcome.

Today, Alex and Cinthia are still on the journey to winning his asylum claim. Hear an update and what Joanne says about how the Women of Welcome community showed up to display Christlike welcome in the life of one immigrant family and why it matters to put action to our compassion!

Nothing Short of a Miracle (Joanne)

“I’m still in awe of what God has done for Alex and Cinthia through this community. What started out as a complete fluke when he contacted me through Facebook became life-giving for their family. What this community has been able to make possible for them is nothing short of a miracle. I often think about how different their story could have been without such a welcoming group of women caring for them. It could have been a very tragic situation if he hadn’t gotten to the hospital when he did. I’m so thankful for each of these women, and all the others, who have stepped in to help. I’m so grateful for each friendly face reaching out, inviting him to church, and showing welcome!

Thankfully, Alex’s medical conditions are now under control and he is able to work. He has been able to hold down two jobs, get his license and a car, and they recently moved into their own apartment. Cinthia is in school and they are doing well, but their story is far from over. They are still waiting for a court date for their asylum case. He currently doesn’t have a lawyer representing him, but he is hoping to find a pro-bono attorney in the area. He is much more likely to win asylum with a lawyer. 

There is a website where you can get a profile on each immigration judge and unfortunately, the judge he is currently assigned to has not approved very many cases from El Salvador. However, Alex is optimistic. El Salvador is in the top five countries having asylum granted, so we wait and we pray and we continue to do our part. I am so thankful we have this community!”