Christmas at the Border: Abara

All December, we are celebrating Christmas at the Border. We are talking with our friends who are working on the ground with vulnerable communities. What can we learn from them in our mission to live out Christlike welcome? How can we partner with them? How can we help bring hope to those they serve? Let’s hear this week from our friends at Abara.


This week we connected with our friends at Abara. Monica shares the incredible work Abara is doing in the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez area along the Texas border. We have the opportunity to support Kids Christmas Kits for migrant children arriving at shelters in the area.

Everyday people in the border region are saying yes to Christlike welcome, regardless of time and resources. We have an opportunity to join them in this beautiful and challenging welcome.

We hope you will take a moment to pray and get involved this Advent season.



Let’s build Christmas Kits for Kids at the Border!

There is an increase in children arriving at the border. How can we share Christ-like welcome? One opportunity we have right now is to toss some snacks, mittens, toothbrushes, and travel games into our Amazon carts and send them to our friends at Abara to share with kids this season.

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