Christmas at the Border: Border Perspective

All December, we are celebrating Christmas at the Border. We are talking with our friends who are working on the ground with vulnerable communities. What can we learn from them in our mission to live out Christlike welcome? How can we partner with them? How can we help bring hope to those they serve? Let’s hear this week from our friends at Border Perspetive.


This week we spoke with Jenn Moya. She and her family have been living and serving in the McAllen, TX region for decades and their ministry comes naturally out of their Kingdom perspective to live a life of service.
The winter months are cold and miserable for vulnerable families approaching our border. Check out the comments for their Amazon ministry needs list as there are so many things to help support these families from afar.
“For years we’ve been sending people to minister to the nations. But the nations are now here at our doorstep. Will we continue to serve?”
Connecting you to the work at the border is important. We trust that this community is eager to bring tangible hope to vulnerable families this advent season!



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