3 Next Steps As the Situation in Ukraine Unfolds

As a group of ladies from our private Faceook group prayed together for Ukraine, there was a a somber feeling among us. We knew our prayers were important and we will continue to pray. It is not the least we can do. It is the first and most vital thing we, as followers of Christ, can do. But we can feel so far removed from a war unfolding around the world and want to know what else we can do. Here are three tangible next steps as we watch the situation in Ukraine unfold:

  • Our friends at World Relief have a history of partnering with the Ukrainian community and are working with their partners to respond. They will be sharing more information in the coming days and weeks. Keep an eye on their feed, and we’ll be sharing those resources as well.


  • While it feels like there is little that we can do here in the U.S. right now, one thing our government can do would be to give Temporary Protected Status to Ukrainians currently in the US, so that no one whose visa may expire soon would have to choose between staying here illegally or returning to a nation under attack. You can visit this link to send an email to the president to advocate for TPS for Ukrainians!


  • Look around your community. Reach out to people in your circles. Do you know someone with family in Ukraine? It could be something as simple as stopping by with a cake and saying, “I just wanted to let you know we are praying for your family right now. Is there anything we can do?” See if your community might have a Ukrainian church! If it does, reach out and ask if they have any unique needs you can support them with.