We Have a Legacy of Peace to Pursue

Right now it feels like there is such heaviness in our daily lives, in our country, and world. Peace can feel like a far-off concept. We may not know where to find peace or how to be a part of creating peace in our homes or our communities.

At Women of Welcome, we are on a journey to understand Biblical hospitality in an authentic way. So, we turn to the whole of Scripture for our understanding of living out our legacy of peace in Christ. Today, our Fall 2020 four-week study exploring these questions launches! Here is a glimpse into day one of the study:

Have you ever taken time to contemplate the significance of what it means to be created in the image of God? Have you ever just sat with this incredible concept and let your heart swirl with what it really means for you and others around you?

At the pinnacle of the creation story God made human beings in his image and set them apart from the rest of creation. Humanity was gifted with purpose, friendship, and peace in the garden.

The shalom that existed in the garden came from God’s very presence. It wasn’t something Adam and Eve had to create or work toward. It most likely wasn’t something they were even aware existed since sin wasn’t present in their world just yet. They were made in God’s likeness- in his image- and his presence sustained them. It gave them every confidence, every joy, and fulfilled every need. It rooted them in a holistic tranquility that we can only imagine surpassed all of their understanding (Phil 4:7).

But when sin entered the garden it cause disruption and distortion in every area of the creation they were designed to care for and lead. Their shalom with God, the world, and with each other was fractured.

But because of God’s great love for us he sent his son Jesus to restore this peace…

You can download this free resource to dig deeper with us into our legacy of peace in Christ and our role in creating peace in the world. Get In Pursuit of Peace today!