Bri Stensrud

Bri Stensrud is an author, human dignity advocate, and the Director of Women of Welcome. Her passion is to equip the Church to engage more consistently and tangibly in holistic human dignity issues.

Throughout her previous work in the pro-life movement, she continually heard questions from those concerned about immigrants and refugees. Understanding that her advocacy for pre-born children and orphans overlapped with so many issues vulnerable migrants faced around the globe, she started a journey to detangle from politically partisan, dehumanizing narratives, and seek out a holistic biblical perspective to uplift and advocate for immigrants and refugees.

She holds a Masters of Biblical & Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, serves on the Board of Directors for The National Association of Evangelicals,  and has authored two books: Start with Welcome: The Journey toward a Confident and Compassionate Immigration Conversation, and a children’s book: The Biggest Best Light: Shining God’s Light into the World Around You.

Common quotes:

“I believe in safe and secure borders and the humane treatment of people who arrive at our borders. These things are not mutually exclusive concepts, they can and should co-exist.”

“While the Bible says nothing about U.S. immigration policy, it has much to say about God’s heart for the sojourner.”

“For the Christian, our compassion is not political, it’s meant to be prophetic.”

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 53