Welcome Thirty Minutes with the Perrys Friends!

We’re so glad you heard about us on Thirty Minutes with the Perrys!

At Women of Welcome we believe:

  • All people are made in the image of God and deserve love and care.
  • Christians are anointed and called to be peacemakers everywhere we exist.
  • We can have safe/secure borders and treat immigrants and refugees with compassion; these are not mutually exclusive concepts.
  • We can all practice biblical hospitality, even if we don’t agree on politics or policies.
  • Fear can divide us, yet we are invited into brave spaces that bring glory to God.
  • Jesus never stops inviting, and we seek to do the same.

You have all the things you need to take a step toward Christ-like welcome, but where to start and how can feel overwhelming. Follow along for five weeks as you learn about this kind of revolutionary welcome from other amazing Christian women as we walk us through the New Testament. You will study Christ as He astonished the culture around him, giving voice to the speechless, frustrating the powerful, and humbling the wise. See how the beautiful welcome of Jesus is toward his most beloved creation, human beings. And know that as Christians this is available to us, learn how your welcome can be like His– wonderfully surprising, deeply challenging, and firmly rooted in love.

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