Our Team Far From Home: Nicole

Our team shared some stories of times they’ve been far from home as we dive into the stories of God’s people on the move through our study Far From Home: Exploring Migration Stories in the Bible.

The farthest from home I (Nicole) have been was when my family lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh for nearly two years. We were welcomed with trademark South Asian hospitality. It comes complete with hugs, smiles, an open invitation to everyone’s home, and piles and piles of food.

From the Bengali people, I learned how to show up at any hour for your neighbors, perseverance, and a willingness to honor the community over your own needs. I also learned how to stop, take someone’s hand, and pray for them right then and there when they are in need. I was humbled by the prayers of my Bengali friends for my family.

Most of the people living in the most densely populated city on earth are not originally from Dhaka. Most have migrated there from villages for job opportunities or for better access to education.

There is a saying in Bangla when people ask where you are from. Someone might mention their “basha,” referring to the flat they rent in the city. But then they will tell you about their Deshi Bari, their village of origin—their real home.

It reminds me of how, no matter how far from home we go, it always remains a part of us.

What’s a place that may not be where you are now, but – for you – will always carry a piece of home?

This six-week study explores some of the most beloved stories of the Bible, taking to heart their connection to present-day migration narratives and realities. Our hope is that each of us will look into these stories with fresh eyes and open hearts because so many of God’s people are still very far from home. Come take this journey of Far From Home with us! Download the 6-week Far From Home Bible study.