Immigration Info

Getting in Closer Proximity

In our community, we often talk about how getting in closer proximity to people is powerful. So of course, one of the very first questions women ask is, “How do I find or meet immigrants in my area? I’m not sure immigrants live in my city.” We’re confident immigrants exist in your midst and this resource gives six simple ways to help you engage well.

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Temporary Protected Status

Over 400,000 immigrants living in the U.S. have been granted (TPS) temporary protected status. What exactly is TPS? Take a look at this quick resource and learn a bit more about how you can help advocate for the safety of this segment of immigrants in our midst.

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Contacting Elected Officials

Contacting your elected officials can sound rather intimidating at first. But we can assure you it’s a simple and easy thing to do. Read through this how-to-guide to gain confidence in advocating for policies that affect immigrants and refugees.

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