Ruth & Naomi

Ruth & Naomi

This 5-week study launched our entire Women of Welcome community. With over 100,000 downloads it’s a community favorite. It’s a great introductory study on what the Bible says about immigration and an overview of our U.S. immigration system. We highly suggest doing this study along with reading the book Welcoming the Stranger.

Study overview:

Ruth and Naomi, two of the most beloved women in the Bible, give us a model of Christ-like love and friendship. These brave women knew what it felt like to be strangers in a foreign land. They understood the promise and challenge of moving to a new place to seek opportunities for their family. Across the globe today, vulnerable women and men are fleeing violence and persecution. They desire to provide for their families with the resources they need to live and the opportunities to give them hope. This recently revised (2020) and expanded edition Bible + book study connects our biblical history to our present-day immigration challenges.

Suggested/optional book to accompany this study: Welcoming the Stranger by Jenny Yang and Matthew Soerens.

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