Bold and Brave

This 4-week study dives deep into the stories of the women who protected Moses in Exodus 2. Little did these women know, their boldness saved an entire nation, the nation of Israel. We’ll spend time with Shiphrah and the Puah, the midwives who defied the king’s order to kill Hebrew boys and were blessed by God. We’ll learn from Jochebed, who trusted God and placed her son in a basket. Miriam spoke up with boldness and reunited her family. And finally, we’ll meet Pharaoh’s daughter, who showed compassion and saved a nation.

In this community, we often discuss the need to step into brave spaces and conversations. It is not always easy. But we are bold. We have the ability to take risks, we can be confident and courageous. We can be brave, ready to face and endure danger or pain. Together, we can show courage.

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