Back from the Border

Women of Welcome works with trusted partners and local ministries to provide unique immersion trips to the southern border. We aim to take these educational trips several times a year, and resumed trips last fall.
Bri Stensrud, Women of Welcome Director, sat down recently with several ladies who have joined us on border trips to talk about why they went and what they’ve taken away from their experiences. Lean in and listen with us.



Vivian Mabuni

Vivian Mabuni recently went with us to the southern border. Why? “To lean in.” Listen in on this quick chat as Viv and Bri discuss the biggest takeaways from the experience. And don’t miss Viv’s note of encouragement at the end!




Sharon Miller

Bri had three questions for Pastor Sharon Miller about her experience with us at the southern border:

1) Why did you say yes?
2) What was your biggest takeaway (what stuck with you)?
3) Encouragement for others who find themselves -on the outside- looking in?

You don’t want to miss this conversation. It’s short, it’s powerful, and any time with Sharon Miller always leaves you wanting more of Jesus.



Jessica Honegger

We got to have a conversation with the fabulous Jesicca Honegger about her recent trip with us to the southern border. Jessica has traveled across the globe with her amazing Noonday Collection work, so why come to the southern border? Lean in to hear her most memorable moments and how to truly fend off compassion fatigue. Thanks for your yes, Jessica!





Shannan Martin

You won’t want to miss grabbing a cup of coffee/tea and listening to the wonderfully down-to-earth Shannan Martin. Shewent on a learning trip with us to the border and some of her experiences still are as fresh in her mind today as they were 2.5 years ago. “What is simply a conversation point for us is someone else’s reality.” Always reminding us how to be a more well-rounded and loving neighbor, we’re thankful for her courage to enter into this immigration space with us.