Bible Study FAQs

Who are Women of Welcome Bible study groups for?

Our studies are for Christian women of all walks of life who want to know more about God’s heart for vulnerable immigrants and refugees. We look at the whole of scripture to best understand Christ-like welcome toward these vulnerable populations.

What is the vision of Women of Welcome Bible study groups?

Together, we want to be more like Christ in his love and welcome toward others. In this community we are diving deep into the whole of scripture to better understand His heart for immigrants and refugees. Many people see these populations and their migration to our country as a political issue, but we believe it’s deeply biblical as well. These group studies are meant to examine what God has to say about these issues -and the fears that inevitably surround them- equipping women to enter into these conversations and national narratives from a biblical perspective. We are dedicated to reading scripture, praying, and learning together. These groups are not designed or intended to be politically partisan in any way.

Common Questions

Where can I download the studies?

All our Bible studies are free and available to download on our website’s Bible Studies & Films page (under the Discipleship tab)! Create a login so you can easily download any resource off the website at any time so you don’t have to repeatedly insert your information. Or, if you don’t want to make a login, simply fill out the information on the download page so we can send you an email with the download link.

Where can I get more information about each Bible study?

You can find out more about each study on our Bible Studies & Films Page. If you are a host, you will receive a host guide packet with videos and social memes relevant to each study that you can share with your group.

When do these groups begin meeting and how long do they continue meeting?

You can do these studies whenever works best for you and start anytime. The studies are not all the same length. Become familiar with the timelines for each study as you review our Bible Studies & Films Page and visit our Connect Groups Page to get started by choosing to Host a Group & set your own timeline. Or select Join a Group, where you can see if/when groups are starting in your area. Many women choose to start hosting their groups in the Spring and Fall when our new studies launch, but don’t worry, you can host or join a group any time that works for you.

What is the difference between a closed group and an open group?

Closed (Private) Group: A closed group is when you gather a group of your friends (could be at your house, your church, or even on zoom) to do the study together privately. The names of closed groups are listed on the website so that women can see all the places others are studying, but no one can contact you or join your group.

Open (Public) Group: An open group is the same thing except that your group is open to having other women from around the country join as well. If your group is open, we will list it on the website as well as your contact information for others to find/request to join.

What other kinds of Women of Welcome small groups are there?

You can also join or lead a Prayer Group!  Intercede regularly for the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the forgotten through prayer with others. Click here to see all the groups in progress that you can jump into.

Where can I sign up to host a group?

To sign up, go to the Connect Groups page on our website. Click on the “Host a Group” button and fill out the form to register your group. In order to register your group, you will need to know what kind of group you want to host (Bible study or prayer), your start date, and meeting frequency. Your group can start and meet whenever works for you. You choose the type of group you’re leading (private or open) as well as the schedule and agenda (a suggested agenda will be outlined in our hosting guide). Once you complete the form with your group details, we will send you an email with everything you need to know to get started.

What if I’m not sure about the details yet?

Once you select Host a Group, it will take you to more information about hosting. There you can find a link to download more information about hosting. This will provide you with information that can help you make these decisions.

Are there requirements for hosting a Women of Welcome small group?

Yes! Because we want these groups to foster a welcoming environment for everyone who participates, we ask that you agree to abide by four basic guidelines as a host: listen first, respect one another, remain nonpartisan, and maintain privacy. You will be asked to agree to follow these guidelines on the form you have to fill out to register your group.

What resources are available to me if I want to host a group?

When you register a group, you will receive a Host Guide and a file with media elements.

  • The Host Guide contains helpful advice for all aspects of hosting (i.e. preparing for the study, setting the agenda, leading the discussion, etc.).
  • The file with media elements contains study-specific videos to share with your group and social media memes, which can be used to invite people to your study.
  • For prayer groups, you will receive emails each month with the prayer points you can use.
  • We host monthly leader calls to pray together and encourage each other. You’ll get information about that after you sign up to host.
  • Our team is always available to answer any questions you have!
Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can email us at You can also join our private Facebook group. It’s full of lots of ladies who have led groups in the past and have great advice!

Where can I sign up to join a group?

To sign up, go to the Connect Groups page on our website, click “Join a Group” and find a group that matches your availability and interest! If you can’t find one that fits your needs, you can do the study more personally on your own or choose to host your own group!

What’s the difference between joining a closed group and joining an open group?

Closed groups do not have a public join option. Group hosts privately invite women from their own sphere of influence, community, or simply choose to use a Women of Welcome study for their local church or already established small group. To join an Open group, which is public and open to anyone, you can click on any open group that fits your schedule and desired study (listed on the “Join a Group” page) and connect with the small group host through the email they provide on the listing.

If I sign up for an open group, do I need to contact the group host or will she contact me?

You will need to reach out initially. You can contact the group’s host through the email provided on the small group listing page and indicate your interest in joining the group.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Reach out to your small group host with any questions you have. If you need more assistance, feel free to email our team at